I recently visited the David Hockney exhibition at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. It's one of my favourite gallery's (excluding Tate Liverpool) that i've ever visited, and not just because it's in my home town! David Hockney is one of my favourite artists so I was unbelievably eager to visit his Early Reflections exhibition as soon as I arrived home from the Venice trip with University. I had taken my boyfriend and as I know he's really interested in poetry, I wanted to introduce him to the work of David Hockney, as a lot of his work is accompanied by poets work that he used to spend time with. At the gallery I couldn't resist the chance to dress up as David Hockney and have my photograph taken!

My favourite work was "Peter getting out of Nicks pool" Which shows a naked Peter Schlesinger emerging from the pool of Nick Wilder, a Los Angeles gallery owner. When this was painted, Peter wasn't actually getting out of the pool, the original pose was taken from a snapshot of him leaning against an MG sports car. 


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