The mid 1990's bought us "Heroin Chic." During 1993, Calvin Klein's advertising campaign featuring Kate Moss seemed to glorify the emaciated drug-addicted look as the new Big Thing. Highlighted rib-cages and collar bones became 'in' and arses, hips and tits were 'out.' During this time, the price of heroin had decreased and his purity had increased quite dramatically. Models are high-earners and i say with no doubt in my mind that a lot of their income would be spent on drugs. The more heroin they used the skinnier they became, the more money they then earned- it was a cycle. Thanks to Vogue in 1999, it all came crashing down. Brazilian Supermodel Giselle Bundchen was used as the face for the Return of the Sexy Model, thus the beginning of a new era for the fashion and modelling industry.
The media has played a HUGE part in our lives since we were little girls, from buying your first magazine to literally walking down the street and catching glimpse of a poster or billboard. You cannot escape it. 2014 is the year of curves. Which is great. For curvy people. "Curvy" in the fashion, modelling and the world of media, does not mean curvy. It means slim, with a big arse, big tits, small waist, etc. You've heard the songs, curves in all the right places. For most women, me included, when you put on weight it doesn't miraculously appear in your bum and boobs. It goes to your tummy, your arms, your legs. That's normal. Recently i've noticed so much shit the media is throwing us, the music industry, fashion industry, films...
 "All about that bass" is a song by Meghan Trainor, supposedly something in which girls can listen to and feel empowered. It may be doing that fora small fraction of women, but what about the rest? Naturally skinny girls are being absolutely slated in every song (i say song lightly, they are not songs. they are bullshit.) on the radio today. "Mama told me don't worry about your size, boys like a little more booty to hold at night" or "I'm bringing booty back, go ahead and tell them skinny bitches that." Sorry skinny bitches. She's preaching about girls being taunted for being on the curvy side, when she's doing the exact same fucking thing to people who are different. Is this really your best attempt of empowering women or do you see the fucked up market and want to get rich? Nicki Minaj Anadonda delivers the exact same message. "My anaconda don't want none unless you got buns hun." Firstly, I am fully depressed that this is a legitimate music lyric that our generation currently has on offer. Secondly, I don't have a (surgically enhanced) mega-huge arse like Nicki, therefore no men will ever ever want me? No woman should ever ever ever have to feel like they need to change in order for a man to find them attractive. We don't go to the gym and eat healthily and put on makeup to please men. We do it because it feels nice to us. So fucking what if your 'anaconda' doesn't want any? I cannot comprehend this lyric.
Women today are much much more obsessed with how they look, we are constantly being told that we're not good enough. In another year or so something else will be 'in.' And we'll have something else to strive for, all because we are being fed this bull shit that we need men to find us attractive. I do not want to have a daughter later on in life for her to be fed the same complete rubbish we are being fed. I can only hope that this worrying trend ends soon. It probably won't, being realistic, which is why we need to stop believing everything we read and see. We are all nice and beautiful and clever and funny regardless of how small our boobs are or how long our legs are. The people who are gurning these songs out daily probably have no more than one brain cell. And it's money shaped. It's heroin chic all over again. Please please please don't get sucked in to it anymore! 


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