Fur is in...

-Christian Dior.

It's key for A/W 2014 apparently. I've not been able to scroll through Twitter or Instagram without seeing a picture of someone proudly flaunting their newly bought "piece." Scarves, coats, hats, gloves, collars- they keep us warm for a day when it's cold. We need not think about where it comes from. I wonder so much that if fur came with advertisements as to how its actually made into clothes, would anyone buy it?
PETA investigators bravely spoke out in an article about the fur trade in China, and it was made clear how badly the animals had it. After an ordeal of being locked in cages or piled upon each other in trucks through the streets,
they are half alive when they are flipped over onto their backs or hung up to be skinned. They are tasered, kicked, stood on, beaten.  
"One investigator recorded a skinned raccoon dog on the heap of carcasses who had enough strength to lift his bloodied head and stare into the camera."

Who buys it? It's expensive. You can imagine the type. "Oh its rabbit fur, darling. Fabulous." These kinds of people don't have a clue about the real world, it's embarrassing, and it's ignorance on a whole new level. Or a certain type who've got their first job and are striving to be "fabulous." You're not. You're wearing a dead thing. I've had the argument of "these people who are producing the fur to the market need the money, they live in poverty." blah blah blah. It's bullshit, you have to be a certain type of evil to harm the vulnerable and defenseless. You don't need the money as much as this beautiful living creature needs their life. No matter how much I "needed" money, I wouldn't want blood money. What choice do the animals have? Who are we to take a life just to keep us warm. (Only for a few months at that, as it'll go out of fashion by the next season.)

You wouldn't kill and wear your dog as a coat. Whats the difference? You wouldn't go and catch an animal and skin it yourself and then wear it, because surely that's wrong and it'd probably leave you feeling distraught. But you're willing to let someone else do it for you. That's ignorance on a whole new level. Do these people know that you can buy a faux fur coat for less than half the price.

I have spent so much time sat crying after looking into the whole fur trade. As a vegetarian and animal lover, to me, it's one of the worst things that's going on right now without much media coverage. I still stick to my statement that it'll end one day soon. People are waking up and opening their eyes, we need to look after our animals rather than wearing them, eating them, using them for entertainment... We are growing and we are still evolving and we're not cavemen anymore. We don't need to kill an animal for a scarf. We don't need to keep them locked in cages against their will when they belong in the wild, and we certainly don't need to eat them.
Please watch this video on the fur trade and see if you can get through it without crying. I can't. 

Sign the PETA petition to pledge to go fur free: 


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