Los Angeles born Yael Aflalo is the eco-minded designer of the clothing line 'Love by Yaya' and 'The Reformation Boutique.' The Reformation is a combination of taking items of vintage clothing and re-creating something completley new and original looking whilst still keeping their unique appearence. There are also 'new' items of clothing which are made simply from old vintage materials.
The collection consists of mostly black and different interesting patterns (which is what caught my eye most about the clothes), placed on lightweight silks and chiffon, as well as dresses which combines both the distinct one-of-a-kind look with the on-trend and current pieces. Each item gives off the 'you cant buy this just anywhere' look and they definatley are designed for attracting attention. My favourite item is the amazing YaYa Nom De Plume Chiffon Silk Blouse, which you can purchase by visiting the Urban Outfitters website, http://www.urbanoutfitters.co.uk/ and selecting the 'Reformed' collection. This reformed collection is clearly targeting us young adults and complete lovers of quirky and vintage clothing!


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