Arvida Bystrom is an artist that I have recently became obsessed with. Born in Stockholm, she is currently living in London presumably working on her art work. She has became almost an internet sensation for our younger generation, broadcasting on blogging website "Tumblr." On her personal website she describes herself as an artist who mainly uses "photography, occasionally making music and modelling." Dazed magazine describes her as a person who has the ability to sugar coat everything that she works with. I completely agree with this statement, and I believe that she is doing it in a fun yet ironic way to almost make fun of or mock our younger techno-obsessed generation. Her girly and pastel coloured mark on the internet is becoming hard to miss and she is now considered to be a major trendsetter for the current internet art movement. Teenage aesthetics play a huge part in her work and her influences can come from anything from jelly shoes to smart phones- and she transforms these every day almost mundane objects and ways of normal life into an art form. She exploits girly pretty things and rips them to shreds, destroying them and making them look anything but. 
Her most controversial piece of work was a photograph called "There will be blood" which shows a young woman menstruating. Something that is seen to be so personal and almost a taboo topic to some more reserved people has been blown up and shown in almost every art and cultural magazine around. A similarity to how the younger generation are sharing almost everything online comes to mind, and the way in which privacy is slowly disappearing. Talking about this specific piece of work during an interview with a blogger, Arvida states: " I didn't know it was blown up. I think it will be around a lot until people actually accept that loads of people around the world are fucking menstruating." 

She touches on the subject of the obsession with iphones, macs, basically modern day technology at it's best form and portrays this in her work. A photograph called "iCry" demonstrates the depression that can often happen with the over use of technology. She states that this was all about capitalism and  Mac as a company, hinting that they are on the way to owning everything- being worshiped as god like by some people. If you are interested in the damage or simply the influence that technology is having on our generation, you should definitely take a look at Arvida's art work!


  1. love this. love Arvida. she's so amazing and so is her work. great post :)



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