Designer Nikolaj Nielsen is the man responsible for this Danish brand of denim dreams, his vision was to launch a distinctive clothing line which would stand out in the fashion world, whilst also being wearable and pretty casual. You've probably seen the clothes stocked in Urban Outfitters but it's time to actually give Nikolaj the recognition he deserves. The latest collection will please lovers of minimilist fashion with the appearence of throw on and go dresses, oversized shirts, blazers and casual shorts, and i've heard more than good praises about the quality of them. His inspiration comes from various objects and architect and designer Thorvald Bindesbøll. A pair of yellow platform shoes with knotted details from the collection were invisioned by Nickolaj taking creamy buttercup colours from Thorvald's ceramics and using them as inspiration for his gorgeous shoe creation. 
He's overly hyped in fashion blogs for his practical yet playful collections that everyone seem's to fall in love with, and his popularity seems to just keep on growing so it's probably time to do a bit of research if you haven't already.

The clothes are available at Urban Outfitters, ASOS and http://www.wonhundred.com/


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